We are now part of Lonely Planet!


As we told you on our Twitter account a few days ago, Lonely Planet has bought TouristEye. It’s time to tell you why we have joined the American giant and what changes will come in the coming months.

Who is Lonely Planet?

If you are one of the few people who has not heard about Lonely Planet, we can tell you it is the most magical travel company in the world, a leader in content for international travelers. Millions of people around the world have traveled with one of their guides and value their well-known brand due to the high reputation of its content, its authors and its recommendations.

Why Lonely Planet bought TouristEye?

Lonely Planet is growing in a very aggressive way to keep being one of the major travel companies in the world. To achieve this, they need to have the best product, content and talent.

Some of that growth will come from the technological development of new web and mobile products. It took us about four years to build one of the best digital travel platforms in the world, we have a strong community of travelers and most importantly, an agile and talented team to keep improving. It is precisely in the technological development of Lonely Planet where TouristEye team will contribute its expertise.

Will TouristEye continue to exist?

Of course! We remain an independent brand within the Lonely Planet group. The TouristEye team continues to work on developing our website and mobile applications. In fact, in a few weeks we will launch a new version of our applications with substantial improvements that will further enhance the experience for all of you.

What changes will there be in the coming months?

We will be working with our new colleagues from Lonely Planet to enhance each other’s products step by step. Lonely Planet has the best travel content database in the world, recognized travel guide authors and an exceptional team. We are confident that TouristEye in 2014 will be even better than what you can imagine now, we will tell the whole trip on this blog.


None of this would have been possible without you, without the over 500,000 people who have traveled and used our apps worldwide. Thanks to you we have a large database with over 300,000 locations and hundreds of thousands of tips. Thanks to your emails and criticisms we have been improving our applications gradually.

Our mission still remains the same as the first day, we wrote this in July 2010 when we announced TouristEye for the first time:

Our team has travelled all over the world, discovering all the European big cities and small towns; dreaming about the old Egypt dynasty, doing some long road trips in United States from Chicago to New Orleans, or from New York to San Francisco; enjoying undiscovered places in Vietnam or Cambodia; or reaching the southern point of South America after having crossed large lands of Argentina.

We needed a completely new product and service for our trips, we knew it was possible to have up-to-date and easy-to-use travel guides on our mobiles. We knew we could have objective and subjective content at the same time. We knew we can have our friend’s suggestions on the go. We are making it real, with Tourist Eye you will be able to discover new places, plan your trips with friends, get all the tourist content and maps on your mobile; and share your photos and experiences with your friends without the need of Internet. You want freedom, you want to learn, and you want to get the most out of your trip.

We have improved, evolved and learned a lot since then, but we still have lots of things to do. Now and always, we count on you!

Javier, Ariel and Diego, founders of TouristEye


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